In a sub – continent plaque by poverty, inequality and unemployment, the reliance of our employees and their dependents on TOKS represents a weighty responsibility. Our employment equity will focus on providing opportunities for the historically disadvantaged individuals (HDI) particularly women and youth.

As our business grows we intend attracting interns in our operation to gain exposure in the industry, those who shows commitment and dedication will be absorb by TOKS to build their careers and allow them to shine within the global economic environment. The Development of our employees will be set as a strategic priority; training and development programs will be implemented and integrated to support the national skills mandate.

Health and safety for our employees comes as the main imperative and we will ensure and keep adherence to the requires safety standards and practices within our working environment. EMPLOYMENT EQUITY

Employment Equity Policy

Our full time and part-time employees come from different diverse backgrounds, this helps TOKS to operate at high level of Innovation and Creativity. We employ qualified specialists in all fields and disciplines. TOKS complies with basic of employment conditions and relevant acts which are endorsed in the South African constitution.

The purpose of the statement on employment Equity Policy is to ensure that our business operates work towards ensuring that the workforce is reflective of the diverse make up of South African population and nationals from other countries, as such this policy is an overarching policy that detail the specific equity challenges in our business as a result it enable us to resolve these challenges.